Create & Control Your Branded NFT Store

APIs and hosted sites for custom NFT experiences that integrate with the rest of your web stack

What is a branded NFT store?

Your brand wants to design, mint, and sell NFTs. But are you doing that tech work in-house, outsourcing it to an agency, or letting a marketplace own your customer experience? None of the above. With ChainCraft, your can offer beautiful NFTs experiences – with full control over your customer's journey.


Our easy-to-use solution lets you innovate at the speed of web3. Design, launch, and manage your NFT store from our admin portal.


Customize your NFT store design and features to meet your requirements. Will you sell NFTs by "Dutch Auction" or "Buy it Now"? You decide.


Our platform is hosted on secure, tier-1 infrastructure, so you can rest assured that your NFT store will be available and secure.


Why re-invent the wheel? We've already done the hard work for you, creating integrations with the leading web2 and web3 services you need to run an NFT store.

Deliver a world class customer experience – easily

It's your brand, and your customers should know it. With ChainCraft, you control NFT sales from end to end.

  • 1 Make web content easily

    Create your NFT store with an easy-to-use interface. Update pages quickly using our WYSIWYG or advanced HTML editor. Best of all, you'll need little to no engineering support from your team.

  • From your first minting to trading on secondaries, ensure NFT inventory is available to meet your customers' expectations across all channels.

  • Deliver customer service that lives up to your brand's excellence. ChainCraft gathers & integrates customer information, such as wallet address, for seamless account management and support.


Intuitive yet powerful admin portal to manage your NFT store

Create and manage your NFT store from our hosted backend portal. Create permissioned roles for your team, management payment options, review customer support inquiries, get store analytics, and more.

  • Team & role management
  • Configure payment settings
  • Manage minting & distribution process
  • Ready for crypto-first, email-less support
  • Comprehensive store analytics
  • Blocklist / allowlist management
  • Extensive APIs for headless customization

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Rod Fuentes

Co-founder & CEO

IP lawyer turned 3x startup founder. Last startup in marketing tech was acquired in 2019.

Sandeep Arneja

Co-founder & CTO

Full-stack developer for 15+ years, 2x startup founder (1x exit, 2019). Loves Solidity and React.


Lead Developer

You love hacking in Solidity and want to make NFTs accessible to all.

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Enjoys making content like blogs, Tweets, and YouTube video.

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ChainCraft is focused on bringing together marketers, product managers, and engineers at the world's leading brands to own and control their NFT selling experiences. Join us as we shape the future of non-fungible token commerce.